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This is a wee drawing we made of a little bairn and a bookbug
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"Bairns & Bookbugs"
a picture by the Picsees

Once upon a time we told you about the faeriefolk who helps to raise the wee baby bugs of the forest, but credit given where credit's due, the bugs of the forest helps to raise the wee faerie bairns too. A perfect example of this would be the bookbugs but before we can explain the importance of their help, we first need to tell you a little bit more about Picsee and faeriefolk...

Most of us live in a place that is somewhere between the realm of dreams and the realms of reality, a place that people call the imagination, and we can all move freely between these without even thinking about it. In fact, wherever we go these two realms tend to blend into each other, and we're all quite good at weaving them together to create something you might know as faerie magic.

The problem is that the wee faerie bairns can also weave these worlds of dreams and reality together but they don't always realize that they're doing it. This means that anything they imagine could possibly, and quite literally, become a reality. Sometimes this can have rather amusing consequences, but if you're not watching their every move they can get up to a lot of trouble. It can of course be said that all bairns, be they bugs, faeriefolk or even human beans, will get up to some sort of mischief if you don't keep a very close eye on them...but when the wee bairns in question could turn themselves into actual little monsters while they're doing it, you definitely need to have a plan in place...and that is where the wee bookbugs comes in.

They can spot trouble brewing from a mile away and they fly much faster than you might think. So whenever one of the wee bairns at the faerie nursery looks like they might be contemplating some shenanigans, a bookbug will fly up to them and read a tiny tale or two to distract them from any potential naughtiness, and thus, avoiding the sweet little bairns turning into unruly little monsters.

But, you might ask, what if there are monsters and mischief in the story? Won't the bairns also weave these into existence? Well, that's the great thing about books; they too exist in both these realms. The book itself is usually found within the realms of reality but the stories they hold tend to abide in the realm of dreams. So while the wee bairns might turn into all kinds of creatures and characters as they join the adventures being read, it all happens within the realm of dreams where a bit of mischief won't do any harm. And back in the realm of reality, where wee bairns can most definitely get into trouble, they'll be sitting quietly and trouble fee listening to the stories while growing the occasional claw or wing.

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