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This is a wee picture poem we made about finding inspiration.
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"Looking for Inspiration"
a picture-poem by the Picsees

Once upon a time a few years ago, a wee elf came to visit us in our art studio. When he asked what we were doing we were surprised he could not see...we were waiting for some inspiration - obviously. Granted we'd usually be doing this in the woods or down the park, but today was much too cold and also much too dark. But this shouldn't be a problem, we explained to him, for the window was ajar so it could easily get in.

He smiled at us and said if we go about it this way, more often than not we'll be waiting around all day. Which is why a true artist rarely waits for the inspiration elves, instead they go about and find it all by themselves...so when you're looking for inspiration the best thing you can do, is to pick up your pencils and see were they take you...

These were wise words indeed, and we've been finding inspiration for all our pictures down this wee path ever since and wanted to share it with you in the hope that it will help you to find some inspiration too...so whether you'd be picking up your pencils, your brushes, some fiddlesticks or flutes, a keyboard, some clay or needles for crochet, whatever you use to express yourself, we hope it will take you somewhere magical~:)

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