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hank you for thinking about supporting our art and helping us to add a wee bit of magic to this world. There are of course various ways in which you can do this, like buying a wee something from our little shop or by liking & sharing our posts on social media. And if you’d like to give us a bit of extra support you can do so with either a once-off donation or by becoming our patron and giving us a wee monthly contribution to help us find some of the time we need to create new Picsee pictures & stories...all of which we really do appreciate very very much.

give a once time donation

You can support us with a wee once-off donation which will all go towards artist essentials like new pencils, erasers, sketching paper, spending time in the studio and of course the occasional buttery treat for us to eat. To do so just select the amount that you would like to give from the drop down below and click the give button to make your donation safely and securely via PayPal (VISA, Master & AmEx Accepted).

Becoming a Patron of the Picsees
~ and get some lovely (and very exclusive) wee gifts doing so ~

You can also become a Patron of the Arts by supporting us with a wee monthly donation on Patreon.com. This will help us to spend more time creating new pictures & stories which is what we love to do, and to show our appreciation for this we'll be giving you little gifts and rewards along the way to repay your kindess (which includes all sorts of lovely things like exclusive downloads, discount vouchers, a badge that says I support and a wee thank you card, special Picsee prints, sneaky peeks, previews of new picsee pictures and more).

Once-off Payments are securely processed by PayPal.com (debit & credit cards are accepted) and patron payments are securely collected on a month to month basis by Patreon.com (which you can adjust and/or cancel at any time).
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