e filled this page with some freebies so that everyone who visited our wee world has a little souvenir to take home with them, and we sure hope you'll find something that you'd like to take along too. Today we have a lovely colouring picture and a couple of classic Picsee wallpapers for you to download...and haste ye back cause we'll soon be adding more to this wee free store.

Heading: Picsee colouring pictures to download

We heard that there are some of you who would love to colour-in our wee art pictures so we decided to make a few special colouring pages for you...and we are glad to say that we have the first one ready and done! So if you'd like to colour this wee drawing of ours just give it a tap and the warehouse imps will make a copy for you to take home.

download a colouring picture of Kale the Goblin
a colouring picture of
- tap to download -

Heading: Download some Picsee Wallpapers

We made these two lovely wallpapers for you so that you can add a wee bit of magic to your phone, tablet or computer. Just choose the option below your favorite one that bests describes your device and give it a wee tap to let the warehouse imps know which one to go get for you.