This is the wee library where we keep all the stories, poems, picsee songs and bits of wee wisdom that we scribbled down over the years. Some of these are based on our own adventures and some were told to us by the faerie folk we met along the way. We selected a few of our favourite ones for you to read, just tap a title below and the wee library imp will go get that page for you.

Wee Wisdoms and Picsee Quotes

"books are usually found within the realms of reality but the stories they hold tend to abide in the realm of dreams"
~ the Picsees

Glossary of Terms and Words
Quite a few of our stories, poems and other posts use words that are either old, specific to a region or from the faerie languages, so we made a wee glossary of terms to help explain what these words mean.
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