- The Will-O-The-Wisp -

A wee while ago we shared some advice on what to do if you find a Ta'ygaird goblin in your house (click here if you'd like to read it) and many people told us that they found this information incredibly useful. And so, when some faeryfolk told us about a problem they are having, we thought we'd tell you a bit about their dilemma in the hope that it could once again prove to be useful and beneficial to everyone.

You see, according to human folklore the Will-O'-The-Wisp (who are also sometimes known as fools fire or ghost light) is said to be a mysterious light or glow that is usually found near small footpaths in forests or around moors and marshes. These lights are often accredited to bad spirits or wicked faeries. It is said that they would appear to people who are on their way home at night and then lead them from their path, deep into the darkness...only to extinguish their misleading lights, leaving these poor travelers miles from their path and completely lost.

However, this is a complete misconception and not true at all.

These mysterious lights are in fact little lamps or torches that belong to a wide variety of magical beings and faery folk who's hard at work getting the world ready for the next day. You see, while quite a few magical beings can see perfectly fine at night there's also many who need a bit of help (collecting left over moon shadows in the dead of night can be very difficult if you can't see what you are doing) and a little lamp is a great solution.

The problem is that people walking by on nearby paths would sometimes see these little lights, and since most people are quite inquisitive by nature they will very often leave the path and head over to the light so that they can see what it's all about.
The faery folk, who are at this point still hard at work and completely unaware of this oncoming expedition, will eventually notice a mysterious figure approaching from the distant darkness, which will send even the bravest among them running (or flying) in all directions. As you can imagine the person who was previously intrigued by a stationary light in the distance will be even more intrigued by these lights when they start moving, and nine out of ten times they will keep following them. The poor faery will of course see that the mysterious figure is still in pursuit and will keep running as fast as they can, all the time looking for a place to hide. When they do eventually find a hiding place, they will immediately extinguish the light and hide there until the scary figure goes away. At this time the poor faery will usually be miles from their home and completely lost.

It is therefore highly recommended, for the sake of everyone involved, not to chase any little lights you might find when you walk home at night. If you do happen upon some you can try to hum a wee little song along with the whistles of the wind...and if the lights are indeed faery folk at work you might just see them swaying along to the tune of your song.


A few of the sneakier goblins and pucks have recently found out that people like to follow little lights into the unknown and they started doing just this to play tricks on them. Ironically this means that the misconception about these lights being sneaky tricksters are now sometimes true.

by the Picsees
The Will-O-The-Wisp (a short story)
Written by the Picsees and first published on December the 21st 2019
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