here is an auld legend that is often told within the faeryworlds and it speaks of a valiant group of human beings. It goes on to say how they generously joined the weefolk in their ongoing quest to share their beloved faeryworlds with like-minded souls, through pictures drawn and stories told. And since we are the wee folk in question we can confirm that this legend is true and give these wonderful people the thanks and recognition they deserve for supporting our art...and so, without any further ado (and in no particular order) we would like to thank:

Elizabeth Podgurski
Lady Jill
Mister Bernard
Lady Katie
Lady Pauline
Felicia Cedergren Leandersson
Lady Charlotte
Lady Bronwen
Lady Elizabeth
Nicole Bretherick
Julie Daellenbach
Lady Gail
Lady Jessica
Lady Gillian
Lady Karlsie
Lady Amanda
Lady Hestie
Lady Skyla
Lady Rachel
Lady Lisa
Lady Ilka
Lady Chantal

we are ever so grateful for you kind support.
yours sincerely, the Picsees

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