What's the difference between limited, special and open edition prints?
We currently have 3 different print editions. Every one of these features the same high-quality print work and they are all printed on Hahnemühle's finest range of art paper with high quality pigment-based inks. There are of course a few differences between these editions, each of which we'll explain below:

LIMITED SIGNED EDITIONS: Our limited signed edition prints all follow a classic giclee-print style - Both the image and paper are sized to industry standard dimensions (the measurements of each print are specified in the listing details). The paper's dimensions are always 2 inches larger than that of the printed image which creates a 1-inch white border all around the artwork. The artwork meets this border with straight undecorated edges. These prints are usually limited to either 48, 60 or 120 copies and are all signed, titled and numbered by hand in the white border just below the picture. Once a limited edition has sold out that artwork will no longer be available in this style but may still be available as an open edition print which we'll discuss next.

OPEN EDITIONS: Our open edition prints break with the norms of classic giclee-print style by having a thin border with rounded corners drawn around the edge of the artwork to mirror the way they look in our gallery. The paper's dimensions is also 2 inches larger than the printed image, however, the image size of our open edition prints are slightly smaller than the industry standard dimensions so that the aforementioned border is not covered or obscured when placed in a standard sized picture frame and/or mounting (the measurements of each print are specified in the listing details). And as of 2020 they also feature a small hand drawn 'picseeglyph' along with the year it was printed in the white border below the picture (open edition prints issued before 2020 didn't feature any additional markings).

SPECIAL EDITIONS: Our special edition prints are only available for or at a certain time. For instance, we have a special edition Halloween print that is only available in October. The dimension, layout and additional markings for these prints vary so please check the item listing for these details.
Do you ship orders internationally?
Yes, we sure do! We send orders all over the world. And you'll be happy to hear that our international shipping prices are the same no matter where you are, although delivery times do of course vary from country to country. You can find detailed information about our shipping process (including shipping prices and estimate delivery times) by following this link.

If you have any questions our wee webshop or anything in it please contact us via Facebook Messenger or by sending a message to weemail@thepicsees.com and we'll do our best to get back to you as soon as possilbe (and maybe even add your question to this page).
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