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"Lindee-Mae the Moonlight Fae"
a portrait by the Picsees

This is a wee portrait that we drew of our very good friend Lindee-Mae. She is one of the moonlight faeries who lives in the wee woodlands near our house. And like all moonlight faeries, Lindee-Mae works throughout the night to get the forest, woods and all the wee gardens ready for the new day. For instance, it's her job to collect all the wee bits of left-over sunlight at dusk and any moonbeams that gets lots during the night. She will then keep them safe until dawn so that they can become wee shimmers and glimmers on the dew drops the next morn.

#thepicsees #moonlight #faerie
here is a wee something that you can find in our offical little webshop that was inspired by this art picture: