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"Leahann'riada the forest faerie."
a drawing by the Picsees

Hello everyone! We're back and we made you a very special picture...but first we would like to say happy autumn to everyone (and happy spring time if it's not autumn where you live). We love autumn; it's one of our most favourite times of the year! There's Halloween, spiced cookies, pumpkins, conkers and of course the turning of the leaves...but for us, the most magical moment of autumn has to be when the forest crowns a new faerie King or Queen.

Most people don't know this but all faeries are Princes and Princesses. That's because in the faerie realms it's not lineage, but deeds that determines who will become the next King or Queen, so everyone is in line for the throne. The way this is decided differs greatly within each realm of the faerie worlds, but for the forest faeries it's their leafy hair that declares their new role. As the leaves turn into their beautiful autumn colours, so does the hair of all the faeriefolk of the forest. For most their leafy locks turns into bright shades of reds or rich tones brown. But every year, in every forest one very deserving faerie's hair will turn gold, crowning them the new King or Queen of the forest faeries.

And that brings us back to our new art picture. It's a drawing of our good friend Leahann'riada. She lives in Howl-wind Hollows, an enchanted little forest near our house. Here she helps all the lost little bugs, beetles and creepy crawlies that wandered into these woods to find their way home, or if they'd like to stay she helps them to find a cosy wee burrow of their own and teach them all about the forest and its ways.

We went there this morning to finish our drawing of her and found her telling Howl-wind hollows' latest resident the very same story we just told you, about of the turning of the leave and the crowning of the faerie Queen or King. About half way through the story the wee little bug reached out to her and slowly said the word "queen". Leahann'riada gave a big joyous smile, framed by a blusing face and told the wee bug that she is most flattered but he must have misunderstood the story, knowing that he's not yet fluent in the language of the forest. She was just about to re-tell the tale from the start when we noticed it too! Her hair was turning to gold right before our eyes! The forest chose her to be the new faerie Queen of howl-wind hollows and we were there to see it happen! It was amazing and we are so glad we could share a wee bit of this magical moment with you and show you the first official portrait of her majesty the faerie Queen! We hope you like it

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