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a portrait we made of Laureletta the wee wild forest faerie
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"Laureletta the wee wild forest faery"
a portrait by the Picsees

This is a special portrait we made of one of our best faery friends. Her name is Laureletta (but we call her Lu) and she's one of the wee wild forest faeries that live in the woods near our house.

In the mornings she helps to look after all the baby bugs in the forest. She's very good at it cause she can speak all the bug languages of the forest and she can do quite a good angry face too! This is important cause baby bugs can be quite naughty. Luckily she's always extra friendly to us when we visit her...even when Eric comes along (in case you don't know he's a goblin and he's always causing troubles). We even saw her giggle and grin a couple of time when he was making mischief!

In the afternoons she usually disappears and no one really knows where she goes but once or twice she invited us along for a wee while...one time she showed us where to see stars in the middle of the day and another time she took us to see where the crows keep all their gold and once she even took us to meet the Sage Queen! You never know what to expect...except of course that you will always be in very good company ~:D

We hope you like the picture we made of Laureletta the wee forest fae. Oh! And if you were wondering where you can see stars in the middle of the day...just go down to a babbling brook on a nice and sunny day, scan the water with a lazy gaze and slightly squinted eyes...almost exactly like she does in this picture...and like magic, the stars will come out.

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