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meet Keecu the gatekeeper. He opens the wee doors that lets the light from the faeryworld shine through to this world
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"Keecu the gatekeeper"
a picture by the Picsees

You might have heard about faerydoors before and even though we ask you to keep it a secret we can confirm it's true, they do exist. Actually...you might have opened quite a few yourselves and let a whole bunch of us faeryfolk in! All of us, the Picsees, the faeries, the Elves and Gnomes...even goblins and trolls...we all came here from the faeryworlds through one of these doors.

It works like this: There are many different worlds. In every world there is something magic that connects it with the faeryworld, and in every world that something is different. Every world also has a different name for it, but if you ask any wee faery they will tell you it's called a faerydoor (my brother says the official scientific name is: Alternate Realm Thoroughfares). The interesting thing is that these faerydoors can only be opened from the outside...so basically it's up to the beings of each world to find this magic, unlock the doors, and let us wee folk in.

In this world, it's a magic that's been used for thousands and thousands of years. It's a very special kind of magic called imagination and the doors opened with it are everywhere! You'll find them all around! Chances are that there will be quite a few around you right now! Books are faerydoors and so are art pictures. Music instruments are very good ones and some of the biggest doors found in this world are known as theatres. But every door needs a key...and even though once unlocked, a faerydoor will remain open forever, it does need a key to unlock it that first time...but luckily they are also found all over! There are pencils and paintbrushes, guitar strings and drum skins, there are typewriter ribbons (although they can be quite messy) and keyboards, knitting needles and chisels, dancing shoes and clay...more than we could ever mention and new ones found every day...but you are probably wondering where does the wee gatekeepers fit into all this incredible and very informative (top-secret) information.

Well...people can only use a key for a while and then they need a new one. A pencil might become too short to hold or a guitar string might snap. They can no longer be used to create magical doorways to other worlds, but they still have some left-over magic in them...and this is very useful to the gatekeepers. They collect all these old keys and weave them together to form a new special key...one that can unlock a door from the faery side! However, these doors are very small...too small for even a teeny tiny faery to fit through...but luckily that's not what they are for. These wee doors are for people. Of course people won't fit through them either because people tend to be quite a bit bigger than most wee faeryfolk...but these doors are big enough to let a wee ray of light form the faeryside shine through, and that's all that's needed.

You see...sometimes people can struggle to unlock a new door...it's not because they ca't do it...it's just because they can't find the keyhole. Most people call this creative block or fuzzybrains and it can be a very frustrating situation to be trapped in, but with a wee bit of help you can find your way out in flash... and that's exactly what the gatekeepers do. They let a little bit of light from the faeryworld shine through these wee doors or keyholes so that people can find and unlock the world of imagination and create the most wonderful faerydoors (or A.R.T - Alternate Realm Thoroughfares) and let the magic (and of course us wee folk) in. We call them the gatekeepers but when people talk about them...they usually call them inspirations ~:D

We hope you like the picture we made. It's of a wee gatekeeper called Keecu. He's our good friend and he comes to visit us all the time and we save up all our old pencils and scrap paper for him to make his keys ~:D

Oh...Ps. Please think twice before you throw away any magic in the making... for instance: if you draw a picture and halfway though decide to rip it up and throw it in the bin it can still open doors...but it will open a broken door in the bottom of the rubbish bin...and this will let the imps and goblins in!

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