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a picture of a wee riverfaerie having some soup
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"32 cans of soup on the wall"
a picture by the Picsees

A while ago we took our big book of bugs to the park to see how many of those bugs we can meet in real life and we met quite a few but we also met someone who wasn't in the book! We met the riverbank faeries!...they told us all about their river and all the different types and flavours of water you can get and then we told them about our adventure and showed them our book about bugs. They loved it so much and wanted to see more pictures so we took them home and showed them our most favourite book...our book about art! They really liked seeing all the lovely pictures but when we got to mister Andy Warhol's painting of soup cans they almost fell over with excitement cause they said soup is their most favourite flavours of water...and if you know mister Andy you will probably know he didn't make just one or two paintings of soups cans...he made 32! We are not so good at counting when the numbers is more than 12 but we know that is a lot of soup cans...specially if you are only little like us! My brother told us mister Andy made so many cause he lived in a very very big city so he had to make lots and lots to be sure everyone got to see at least one...but we think he made so many just cause he likes soup very very much! It sure made us very hungry for soup...and the best thing about 32 cans of soup is if someone had to open one and have a wee taste no one would probably find out for days and days! The only problem is the soup is inside the picture but lucky for us we are a wee bit magic and so is art...its a very special magic called imagination, you just close your eyes very tight and then you think of anything you want...and there it is! So without wasting any more seconds we were in the painting and opening the tomato flavour one...but instead of tomato flavour it tasted like red paint! We don't really like the taste of red paint but the river faeries loved it, they ate the whole can! They said it's the best tomato soup they ever had! Maybe it tasted like tomato flavour for them cause they are better at imagination magic than us...or maybe it was really tomato flavour but our imagination magic made it tasted like paint...we will never know...unless maybe we open just one more soup can to investigate...

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