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Hello! It's us...the Picsees and this is our official wee website where you can sneak into a faerie world through some pictures drawn and stories told. Find your way around by following the clicks above or take a wee scroll down this page if you'd like us to show you a few highlights. Either way we hope you enjoy your stay and please remember...don't feed the goblins.

this is our latest picture called
"Portrait of a wee Winterqueen"
(and below you'll find a few more pictures from our wee art gallery)
A wee portrait we drew of a little picsee named Neenim This is a portrait of O The Loch Ness Monsters
Snippets from our Diary
February 27th

A few days ago we met a wee tabby cat in the park. She told us that she was lost so we gave her some of our cookies and helped her find her way back home. Later that evening when we got home ourselves, we told brother about our wee little adventure. He said he found it all quite curious 'cause "cats always know exactly where they've been and where they're heading"...but he must have been mistaken 'cause every day since then the wee tabby cat got lost again and by sheer coincidence she ended up in front of our wee window every single time. She probably couldn't believe her luck 'cause we were able to help her find her way back home every afternoon, sharing some snacks and stories along the way. ~ by Collie C. Flowers

a mounted print of our picture called 'Rainy Days'
and from our wee little webshop:
A Mounted Art Print of our Rainy Days picture
€ 23.50

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wee gifts for our patrons

We made some lovely (and very exclusive) little gifts to thank all our patrons for their kind support. This month everyone who supports our art with $1 or more can download a brand new printable colouring page, a new picsee wallpaper, a digital desktop calendar for April and a social media cover to show that you support art. We will also be sharing some sneak peeks with everyone and those of you who support us with $2.50 or more will get discount vouchers for everything in our wee webshop too!
So if you're supporting us on patreon and want to download these now, or if you'd like to start supporting our art and get all these lovely rewards doing so, just follow this click to our patreon page:

April downloads - wallpaper explore
April downloads - colouring pic of a wee winterqueen
april Downloads - A Digital Desktop Calendar
A Social Media Cover Pic to show you support art
We would love to hear from you, so whether you'd like to say hello or ask a question or two, please do get in touch. The best way to do so is via our Facebook page or Facebook Messenger. If that's not for you, you can also send a message to: weemail@thepicsees.com. Either way we'll do our very best to write you back as soon as we can.
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