1 April 2020
We made lots of lovely new gifts for you to download this April…
exclusive downloads | all patrons

We made some special new gifts for you to download this month and hope you like them all as much as we do. First up we drew a lovely new high-resolution colouring page that you can download, print and colour and it features a picture of a little brown onion brownie trying to give a drink of water to a wee rubber-duck. We also made a very special new wallpaper that features all our favourite picsee pictures about books…these last couple of weeks we relied quite a lot on books to get us through the day (and to keep some of us from getting up to mischief) and thought this wallpaper would be a nice way to celebrate just how wonderful books are. We also have the April edition of our new 2020 digital desktop calendar ready for you to download and it features a drawing of 'Brother' (which happens to be the drawing that started this wee artistic journey of ours and it’s also one of the very first Picsee pictures we ever shared online)….and of course, as always, you can download our 'I Support Art' social media cover.

And incase you missed our post from last week, we created some exclusive PDF versions of all the wee stories and picseetales from our little library that you can download and print and they will be avialable to all Patrons for as long as we all have to stay home to stay safe. We’ve added these to your rewards page so that you can find them all quickly and easily.

UPDATE: These downloads are now in the Archives.

Status: in the archives
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