22 December 2019
Thank you for a wonderful and magical year...
a special thank you | all patrons

We wanted to take a wee moment to thank you for the incredibly kind and generous support that you’ve given us this year and to tell you just how much it means to us.

As you know, your support allows us to spend more and more time in our wee studio, which makes it possible for our little faeryworld to grow. But we realized you might not know just how much you’ve help this world of ours to flourish this year, which is why we wanted to share this photo with you today. You see, there’s at least one brand new drawing of a wee little faery, pixie, goblin or gnome on every one of these pages, that are all on their way to become an art picture...and almost all of them are here because of you. And we can’t wait to spend more time with them in the new year, writing down all the stories they tell us while we finish their drawings, and then of course, introducing them all to you.

But it’s not just time that your support gives to us.

We always say that being an artist is the same as being a wizard, and that the only difference is that we use a pencil instead of a wand to do our magic. But making art is not always easy and you can be sure that somewhere during the process you will get a visit from some horrible little hobgoblins called Doubts…and when they show up, the magic instantly disappears. But your support reminds us every day that what we do has value…and knowing that you like our wee little stories and pictures enough to support us every month always sends those nasty little doubts on their way.

So, while it might be true that an artist is just like a wizard, the true source of our magic is having someone like you who believes in what we do. So thank you for your support, thank you for giving us the time to do what we love, and thank you for believing in us…it really does mean the world to us.

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