2 December 2019
A Free greeting card with every print...
bonus rewards | all patrons

We have a special little bonus reward for all our Patrons this month! Throughout December you can get a FREE greeting card with every print you order from our wee webshop!
Just visit the prints section of our webshop, enter your monthly Patrons password, and we'll add the option to include either our "Moments" or "Dragon Pup" card for free when you add a print to your basket.

PLEASE NOTE: We always take a little break around the end of December and during this time we give our wee webshop a little time-off too...so to make sure no one misses out on this lovely little bonus reward it will be available until the 15th of January 2020.

Status: information only
Please note: all rewards are for personal use only.
If you have any questions or suggestions you can contact us via our Patreon page, Facebook Messenger or by sending a message to weemail@thepicsees.com and we'll do our best to get back to you within a day or two.
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