1 November 2019
Picsee-tales: A Midnight Noise
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A few nights ago, we were woken by a strange noise in our room. It was at the dead of night, pitch dark and other than the noise in question, you could hear a pin drop. We all sat in complete silence with our ears pricked up, keeping an auditory lookout for any more noises. And then we heard it again, it was a scratch-scratch sound coming from the wardrobe at the far end of the room. We could not see a thing but judging by the terrible racket it was making it had to be some kind of monster, and a large one at that! We all crawled deep under the covers, covered our ears and quietly hid away until the break of dawn (although there was a moment when Eric started snoring, but we quickly woke him up and reminded him that he’s too afraid to sleep a wink).

It felt like days, but eventually a bit of morning light found its way into our room. We cautiously crawled out of our cosy hideaway, quickly counted all our toes (as they are said to be a favourite midnight snack for roaming monsters) and as soon as the first ray of light crossed the floor all the way to the bedroom door we made a run for it, straight to brother’s room.

We told him all about the terrible noises and the monster that made them, but he wasn’t quite as convinced as we were that our midnight visitor was a monster at all. In fact, he seemed to think it might well be someone quite a bit smaller. He said we should always remember that “shadows and sounds can appear overly large and disproportionately loud in the wee hours of the night, and if you let your imagination run wild on the back of such misapprehensions, a gush of wind can quickly turn into a banshee’s howl”. But all the big words in the world would not change the fact that we know what we heard, and it was a monster for sure…we just had to find some proof.

And so, we went back to our room to investigate. It didn’t take us too long to find some tiny bits of wood underneath the wardrobe which led us to a little hole that was made in our secret snack drawer. This removed any doubt there might have been; there was a monster and it came to steal our cookies. The monster obviously made the hole in the drawer so that it can peek inside to see what treasures it holds, and it would come back over the next few nights and claim it all. We thought that this new evidence might well convince brother, but with our cookies at stake we could not afford to take any chances and had to find more proof, and we had the perfect plan to do that…

That night, just before we went to bed, we covered the entire floor with flour which meant if the monster sat foot in our room we’d have undeniable proof in the form of footprints (unless of course a light breeze passed through before we got to show it to brother). We agreed to all take turns staying awake, but Mika was up first and he literally gets scared of his own shadow and woke us for that very reason five times, so we decided it’s probably best if we all go to sleep and wait for the monster to wake us. And lo and behold, at around midnight it did just that. We could hear it move around behind the wardrobe and soon after that the dreaded scratching sounds started again. We left the curtains drawn, hoping that the moonlight could let us catch a glimpse of the dreaded beast, but we were all too scared to take a look and once again hid under the covers until the break of dawn.

The next morning, we bravely made our way to the wardrobe as soon as we were sure that every nook and cranny of the room was filled with sunlight, but when we got there we could not find a single monster track in our flour trap. We thought this quite strange until Mika pointed out it probably meant the monster could fly! We did however find some footprints that looked like they were made by mouse sized paws and figured they probably belonged to mister Curleywhiskers. He’s the wee mouse that lives in the hallway just outside our room and he probably also heard the noises and came round to investigate. We were very concerned for his safety and went to warn him about this roaming danger right away. He looked a bit worried when he saw us approaching but seemed much more at ease after we told him that we think our midnight visitor was a monster. We did find his reaction a bit strange, so we asked him why he wasn’t terrified to hear he almost crossed paths with a terrible monster. He started explaining his reaction with an impressive series of ums and ahs, before telling us that monsters are actually afraid of mice. And then he went on to tell us how he faced many monsters before and even offered to keep an eye on our bedroom door at night, and said if he sees any monster approaching he’ll chase them away…and he would be happy to do this for the mere price of a cookie a day. And so, from that night on, we’ve been leaving a cookie at his door and since then we haven’t been bothered by any midnight noises other that the occasional snore.

PS: This wee story was first shared in the November edition of our patron's newsletter and published a fortnight later in our wee library

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