25 October 2019
a new little bonus reward...
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As you might know, we share a new little picsee-tale on here every month which you get to read a whole two weeks before anyone else does, and we’re very happy to let you know that we’re adding a new little bonus reward to this for you.
You see, we recently learned that some people find it hard to read from a computer screen so whenever they find an interesting article or a wee little story like our picsee-tales, they print it out so that they can read if from a physical page. But when you print directly from the internet it usually prints absolutely everything on the webpage (including full colour backgrounds, logos, oodles of links and lots of other bits and bobs) which wastes a lot of ink and a lot of paper and no-one wants that! So, we created a downloadable PDF document without all those unnecessary bits, which has a nice sized text in a lovely grey colour that is easy to read and doesn’t use a lot of ink or paper (and PDF documents can also be read on an e-reader if you own one).

So, from today you'll be able to download a PDF of our wee monthly picsee-tale as a new and exclusive little bonus gift - just go to your rewards page by following this click and scroll down to the '1st Peeks & Pre-reads' section...

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Please note: all rewards are for personal use only.
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