1 September 2019
We made some Lovely new gifts for you this September...
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We made lots of lovely new gifts for you to download this September! There's a brand new printable greeting card that features our drawing of 'The Monsters of Loch Ness'. You can also download the September and October edition of our printable Picsee calendar, with our wee drawing of ‘Kale the Goblin’ on September’s side and on October’s side you’ll find the scariest little picsee you've ever seen to celebrate Halloween. You can of course also download the September edition of our digital desktop calendar and as always you can download our bonus 'I Support Art' social media cover. And that’s not all, everyone who supports us with $5 or more will also be able to claim a free set of button badges featuring a big and small badge that’s all about bookshelves. We’ll send you the voucher code for it in a few days’ time. We will also be sharing some sketches with you and if all goes well, we’ll have a brand new Picsee picture to show you too

UPDATE: These downloads are now in the Archives.

Status: in the archives
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