1 July 2019
We made some lovely new gifts for you to download this July
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We’d like to tell you about all the lovely gifts we made for you this month and first up is a brand-new download which we are very excited to tell you about! You see…a wee while ago someone said they would absolutely love it if we could make a little picsee greeting card that they could download and print, which we thought was a fantastic idea…and we’re very happy to say that you can now download the very first (and exclusive) printable picsee greeting card featuring our drawing of a wee bairn and a bookbug. You can also download the July & August edition of our popular printable picsee calendar (which features our drawing of ‘a brown onion brownie’ and ‘the firefly faery’) along with a digital desktop version for the month of July ~:)

And everyone who supports us with $5 or more will also be able to claim a free set of Mini Magnets from our wee webshop that features 4 of Mika Macaroon’s inkypic portraits (we'll email you a wee voucher that will give you 100% discount on it within the next week).

We’ve also been working on some new pictures and stories and should have one or two ready to share with you very soon.

UPDATE: These downloads are now in the Archives.

Status: in the archives
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