1 July 2019
Picsee Tales: Magic Beans
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Last night we read a book about the Highlands back home in Scotland and when we woke up this morning, we were all feeling a bit homesick. And so, as we quite often do when we're feeling a little blue, we went to look for a distraction snack or two in the kitchen cupboard. While we were making our way up to the high shelves where said snacks are kept, Mika spotted a strange little raggedy bag that we've never seen before. We went to investigate and found that the bag was full of beans...and although we're not experts of enchanted pulses or other legumes, we do know that whenever you find a bag of mysterious beans, you should always check whether or not they are magic...and according to most faerytales the best way to do this is to plant them and see if anything out of the ordinary comes up.

So, we grabbed a few of the beans and went to plant them in the garden, and when we went back to check on them this afternoon we found a beautiful tall thistle growing on that very spot - or at least we think it was the same spot but we were too excited to check - for as soon as we saw those familiar prickly leaves with its proud purple crown, all our homesick blues just faded away...because as you might know, a thistle happens to be the national flower of Scotland.

And that made us think - If a couple of magic beans could make a thistle grow in the garden...then maybe we should take the whole bag of beans and plant them in the stables down the road because as you might know, the national animal of Scotland just happens to be a unicorn and we've always wanted to meet one...

PS: This wee story was first shared in the July edition of our patron's newsletter and published a fortnight later in our wee library

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