24 June 2019
An exclusive art print for all our $10 Patrons
art prints | $10.00 + patrons

Once upon a time we drew a wee picture-poem that was very popular, but back then we decided not to make an art print of it available, because we wanted to save it for the right moment…and we’re very glad to say that that moment is today. We are of course talking about our aptly named picture-poem called “moments” and we had some lovely and very exclusive art prints of it made for everyone who supports our art with $10 or more, and we will be sending a signed copy to you this week (free of charge) to thank you for your very kind and generous support.

The printed image measures 7 x 5 inches (plus an additional white border of approx. 1 inch wide) which is a standard frame size so you should be able to find a frame that fits it perfectly at most home stores. It is printed on Hahnemühle's Photo Rag fine art paper (308gms) which is a beautiful matte paper with a subtle texture and a lovely warm tone making it a perfect fit for this artwork.

Please note: these prints are made exclusively for our $10+ patrons and is not available for purchase.

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