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Welcome to the brand new and official Patrons of the Picsees news feed. We made this wee page so that those of you who ever so kindly supports our art can easily find all the latest patron’s news and rewards in one place…and you can now also access all of your exclusive content & downloads (excluding vouchers) from these pages if you have your monthly patron’s password at hand.

6 August 2019
Rewards: Discount Vouchers
discount vouchers | $2.50 + patrons

It's time for some discount vouchers again so if you are supporting us with $2.50 or more be sure to check your inbox four your vouchers! And as always, your voucher will be valid from today all the way until the end of the month so that you can use it whenever works best for you ~:)

PS: These vouchers are valid until 31 August 2019.

Status: valid
1 August 2019
We made some lovely new gifts for you to download this August
exclusive downloads | all patrons

We've made some lovely new gifts for you this month and you'll be happy to hear that they are ready for you to download. There's a brand-new high-resolution colouring page that features our drawing called 'Eric in a Jam' which you can download, print and colour. We also made a lovely new wallpaper for you, which happens to be one of our favourite wallpapers yet, and it features a picture of our wee friend Rory the philosopher. And you can of course also download the August edition of our digital desktop calendar that features our wee drawing of Nalu the Firefly Faerie.

But that's not all, those of you who supports us with $2.50 or more will also be getting some discount vouchers to use in our wee webshop (we'll send you your voucher codes in the next few days). We'll also share some first-looks, work-in-progress pictures & sneak-peeks of some of our new and upcoming drawings with all of you...and there are some rumours about a few other things too...so do keep an eye out for these.

You can find this month's downloads by visiting your rewards page.

PS: These downloads are available to all our patrons until 31 August after which they will move to the archives.

Status: currently available
1 August 2019
Picsee-tales: A hot summer's day
1st peeks & pre-reads | all patrons

It's been very warm around here the last few days. Luckily, we’ve seen more than enough postcards to know that the best thing to do on a hot summer's day, is to spend it at the beach or on a boat while wishing that the recipient of the postcard was there as well.

Unfortunately, we were nowhere near a beach and we didn’t have a boat. We did however know where to find a nice big saucepan that we could all fit into and had it on good authority that it could float (we’ll leave the reasons we knew these things for another story). And so, we loaded it onto our wee little wagon and took it down to the canal that passes near our house, and before long, the HMS saucepan was launched on her maiden voyage. We were having a lovely time for a minute or two, but halfway through minute three we realized that a crowded metal pan in the scorching heat is not the most tranquil place to be, as some postcards might lead you to believe. We all started to fidget and bob about, which almost instantly caused the HMS saucepan to transform itself into an open top submarine, and as we swam to the shore, we all agreed that boating might not be for us.

But it’s not all as bad as it sounds, because the water cooled us down, and as we recovered our shipwrecked saucepan, we came to the realization that it would probably serve us better with water on the inside rather than the other way around. So we loaded it onto our wee little wagon once more, and wheeled it back home where it became known as the HMS swimming pool, until our human beans discovered it last night…which ties in with their story of why the kitchen cupboard had to be fitted with a lock.

PS: This wee story was first shared in the August edition of our patron's newsletter and published a fortnight later in our wee library

Status: published
31 July 2019
Last day to get these downloads
reminder | all patrons

Don’t forget that today is the last day to download all the lovely gifts that we made for you this July (unless of course you have archive access) which includes a printable greeting card and the July & August edition of our printable picsee calendar.

UPDATE: These downloads are now in the Archives.

Status: in the archives
30 July 2019
A wee look at some of next month's downloads
coming soon | all patrons

August is just around the corner and you’ll be happy to hear that there will be some lovely new gifts waiting for you around that very same corner…like this high-resolution printable colouring page that features our drawing called ‘Eric in a Jam’ and a lovely wallpaper that features a picture of our wee friend Rory the philosopher. There will of course be lots of other prezzies too, like the August edition of our digital desktop calendar, discount vouchers for everyone who supports us with $2.50 or more, some first-looks and sneak-peeks at some of our new and upcoming drawings…and there are some rumours of a few other things as well.

Status: information only
29 July 2019
Only a few days left to claim your free mini magnets
reminder | $5.00 + patrons

Don’t forget…there are only a few days left for those of you who support us with $5 or more to claim your free set of inkypic mini magnets.

UPDATE: This reward has now expired.

Status: expired
26 July 2019
A Sneaky peek at two new picsee pictures
work-in-progress pictures | all patrons

This is a wee work-in-progress picture of one of the latest art pictures that we're working on and our patrons can now take an exclusive sneak peek at it. Just enter your monthly patron password below to see an un-blurred version (or visit our patreon.com/thepicsees page).

you can find the current password in the email we sent at the start of this month or by clicking here
Status: available / locked
5 July 2019
A Free set of mini magnets from our wee webshop
freebies from our shop | $5.00 + patrons

You might have heard some whispers about a freebie that is said to feature a set of four mini magnets…and we’re very happy to let you know that this is indeed true! This month you can claim a lovely set of mini magnets that features four of Mika Macaroon’s inkypic portraits for free from our wee webshop.

UPDATE: This offer has expired but you can check the Rewards page to see what discounts or offers are available this month.

Status: expired
1 July 2019
We made some lovely new gifts for you to download this July
exclusive downloads | all patrons

We’d like to tell you about all the lovely gifts we made for you this month and first up is a brand-new download which we are very excited to tell you about! You see…a wee while ago someone said they would absolutely love it if we could make a little picsee greeting card that they could download and print, which we thought was a fantastic idea…and we’re very happy to say that you can now download the very first (and exclusive) printable picsee greeting card featuring our drawing of a wee bairn and a bookbug. You can also download the July & August edition of our popular printable picsee calendar (which features our drawing of ‘a brown onion brownie’ and ‘the firefly faery’) along with a digital desktop version for the month of July ~:)

And everyone who supports us with $5 or more will also be able to claim a free set of Mini Magnets from our wee webshop that features 4 of Mika Macaroon’s inkypic portraits (we'll email you a wee voucher that will give you 100% discount on it within the next week).

We’ve also been working on some new pictures and stories and should have one or two ready to share with you very soon.

UPDATE: These downloads were available to all our Patrons for at least a month and was then moved to the Archives (which can still be accessed by our $5+ Patrons).

Status: in the archives
Please note: all rewards are for personal use only.
If you have any questions or suggestions you can contact us via our Patreon page, Facebook Messenger or by sending a message to weemail@thepicsees.com and we'll do our best to get back to you within a day or two.
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