This wee little nook of our library is where you'll find some of the thoughts, quotations and curious observations that we've been collecting since we were weans. Some are age old saying that we brought along from the faerie realms and some are things we've been pondering about this world we all share. Have a look through and we hope you'll find one that speaks to you.

Quotations and Curious Observations
a few of our wee wisdoms arranged from new to old:

If you're going to leave your mark on the world,
make that mark something beautiful.
books are usually found within the realms of reality but the stories they hold tend to abide in the realm of dreams
We all have wings in books and dreams.
an artist's job is to capture a moment so that you can set it free.
You can't tell the mind not to wander but you can choose the roads where it will roam. #books
You can sneak into the faerie world through pictures drawn and stories told.
Brother always says "repetition is a no no" which makes him laugh and laugh...we laugh too, but we don't really get the joke.
people often wonder why socks go missing...well, if a dirty sock goes missing a goblin probably stole it to wear it as a beanie hat, and if it was a clean sock its now most likely a wee picsee's sleeping bag.
every once in a while you should read a wee fairy tale to your inner child...
always remember...if you let out all the monkeys you'll be left with no bananas.
a picture tells a different story to everyone who sees it, and a story paints a different picture for everyone who reads it.
What is a bookshelf other than a treasure chest for a curious mind.
a library is like an art gallery for stories.
some days are for taking chances...and some days are for giving them.
When pasta sticks to the wall you know it's time to eat...but when a goblin sticks to the wall you know it's time for their bath
if you turn your back on the light, the path ahead will be cast in shadow.
one of the trickiest parts of making art is getting your imagination to sit still for long enough to see the details.
Being an artist is the same as being a wizard...only instead of a wand you use a pencil for your magic.
a journey isn't about what road you take or where you's about who you are when you get home.
We can count to 12 but we don't always remember all the number to get there so we have to use some of them more than's called maths
a picture may paint a thousand words but it takes an artist to make them rhyme.
Art is not the thing that you is what that thing inspires in others
It's very important to always read a bedtime story...else how would your dreams know where to begin.
a book is a place where dreams are born and in dreams everyone can fly
we've been assured that crumbs are not cookie seeds but we planted some in the garden for just in case.
you should always find time to take a break...even if it takes all day
did you know when a door is a little bit open you say its ajar but when a jar is open you don't say its adorable...language is so tricky!
Bubbles are just puddles holding thier breath.
by the Picsees
All these wee wisdoms was written by the Picsees
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