- The Pumpkin Patch -

It's October which is one of our favourite times of the year, and how could it not be with things like collecting gold and ruby leaves, playing conkers and of course Halloween. Oh, and don't forget the pumpkins! We just love pumpkins and recently discovered a wee pumpkin patch at the edge of the old ogre woods. We should probably not tell you about it because we're not actually allowed to go there (it's said to be haunted and no place for wee little picsees). However, everyone knows that the ogre woods only start at the edge of its shadows, and there are a few moments once or twice a month where its eerie shade doesn't quite reach this little pumpkin patch. This only lasts for a few minutes. Brother says it's exactly thirteen minutes, but however long, it was enough time for us to get our hands on three pumpkins.

We were very proud of this little autumn harvest and decided to compose and draw a still life with them. It all started off well but there was a lot of details to get right and we ended up working well past our bedtime to get it done, and eventually we lost track of time...until the clock started to knell a dreadful midnight bell. We've never heard it ring quite like this which gave us all goosebumps and shivers. But the worst was yet to come, because as it fell silent, it revealed a sinister laugh and we saw that our still life was no longer as still as one would expect! Turns out the pumpkins were just as haunted as the old ogre woods itself and they all became terrifying pumpkin ghosts at the stroke of midnight. In fact, they were so haunted that everything near them became haunted too (although the pair of pears seemed more frightened than frightening).

We did the logical thing and ran off with a cacophony of eeks and screams but soon realized that even though it was a very scary scene, it would make a fantastic picture for Halloween. So, we decided to be brave and finished the drawing from afar, and when the clock stroke one, we drew the last line and the ghostly scene once again became a harmless still life. Brother said he thinks we were all just spooked by a late-night sound and the rest was just imagination but the following night he agreed that it was probably a good idea to put the pumpkins in the hallway and lock the bedroom door until the next morning.

by the Picsees
The Pumpkin Patch (a short story)
Written by the Picsees and first published on October the 1st 2019
© thepicsees.com
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