- The Bughouse -

We've been spending most of the past week indoors because it was just too warm to be outside for long. And on one of those indoor days, as we sat reading stories on the windowsill, we saw some bugs taking shelter from the sun in a shady nook. Normally we'd invite them all into the house, but since an incident earlier this year that involved a tiny horde of toads, we are no longer allowed to have more than 3 creepy crawlies in our room at a time, and so we decided to build the bugs a wee little house of their own where they could hide away from the hottest part of the day.

We got straight to work, with myself, Mika and Eric on interior duties, while Brother and Ingo built the structure and all the outside bits. They started by making a few little bug doors with an old hole punch and had the walls up soon after, which meant we could climb in and start our work on the inside. First we fitted a carpet which we made from some placemats and after that we fashioned a snazzy little sofa by filling a polka-dot sock with some barley corn (Don't worry, we only take socks from the laundry if there is at least one more sock just like it left for our human beans). Next we taped a selection of macaronies and cannellonies to the walls for the wee bug bairns to play in and made some drawings of famous bugs from history in the spaces between these. Finally, when brother and Ingo fitted the roof, we painted some blue skies, clouds and a smiley sun and moon on the ceiling. When we were done, we invited brother and Ingo in to have a look at how cozy it was...but that proved to be a bit problematic because the wee bug-doors was sized to fit little bugs and not big brothers. At first this was rather funny until we realized that if they can't get in, we can't get out either.

We considered our options and thought about making it our forever home, but as soon as we realized that there is absolutely no way we could ever play a good game of hide and seek in such a small place all discussions turned towards finding a way out. Once again, we considered our options and concluded that we had but one choice and did something we wouldn't normally do; We told Eric that under no circumstances is he allowed to do anything to the wall that would damage it in any way, and promptly turned our backs on him. Of course, by the time we turned around again a second later the wall was completely broken down and Eric was outside explaining how he has never been anywhere near the wall and had nothing to do with the fact that it appeared to be ever so slightly damaged. And since he just got us out of a rather tight situation, we agreed that it was probably true, and the wall has always been like this. We then all lend a hand to mend the wall, after which we took the wee bughouse outside and we're glad to say they loved it and had no trouble getting in and out at all.

by the Picsees
The Bughouse (a short story)
Written by the Picsees and first published on September the 1st 2019
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