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Snippets from our Diary
Looking for Eric
~ by Brother [ April 30th ]
We'd like to ask everyone to keep a wee eye out for Eric the goblin who's gone into hiding. You see, last night we went to investigate a strange noise coming from the kitchen and found him rummaging through the food cupboard. When we asked him what he was up to he told us he was also investigating a noise, but this was clearly a lie because his face was covered in cookie crumbs and he had quite a few pieces of macaroni stuck to his head.

Now as you might know, you can tell when pasta is cooked by throwing a piece against the wall and if it sticks, it's time to eat. And by applying a very similar set of rules you can tell that it's time for a goblin's bath when a piece of uncooked macaroni sticks to the goblin in question. Unfortunately, Mika made the mistake of making this observation out loud and the moment he uttered the word "bath" Eric made a run for it and has not been seen since.

There is of course no need to worry, this happens ever so often, and we usually find him soon afterwards, usually while investigating another noise coming from the kitchen. But he does sometimes hide a bit further afield, so if you happen upon a wee goblin with macaroni stuck to his head please let us know and whatever you do, don't mention baths.

~ by Collie C. Flowers [ April 1st ]
This weekend the clocks changed from wintertime to summertime here where we live and we decided to stay awake until the wee hours so that we can change all the clocks in the house. Problem is we forgot to say who should be changing which clocks, which meant all of them got changed quite a few times, leaving time scattered all over the house. And to make matters worse some of us (who might or might not be name Mika) got a bit over enthusiastic and changed all the calendars in the house as well.

It was fun for a while cause we could all sit in the living room and have a lovely breakfast in February and then walk over to the kitchen and enjoy a midnight snack in March...but it didn't take long for all of us to get the dreaded time-travel-tummy-aches and we decided it's best to change everything to the right time. It was tricky 'cause no one could quite remember what the actual date or time was but we do think we got it right in the end...and so we'd like to wish you all a very happy new year!

The time we met a tabby cat
~ by Collie C. Flowers [ February 27th ]
A few days ago we met a wee tabby cat in the park. She told us that she was lost so we gave her some of our cookies and helped her find her way back home. Later that evening when we got home ourselves, we told brother about our wee little adventure. He said he found it all quite curious 'cause "cats always know exactly where they've been and where they're heading"...but he must have been mistaken 'cause every day since then the wee tabby cat got lost again and by sheer coincidence she ended up in front of our wee window every single time. She probably couldn't believe her luck 'cause we were able to help her find her way back home every afternoon, sharing some snacks and stories along the way.

by the Picsees
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