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"The Tin-Can-Telephone"
a drawing by the Picsees

(This is one in a series of two drawings and you can see the other one by following the link at the end of this story)

Like most people, we've all been staying inside to help keep ourselves and everyone else safe, which meant we've not been able to visit all our faeryfolk friends who live down in the garden. Our human beans has their tablets and telephones to talk to their friends and families, which helps, but alas...none of our faeryfolk friends down in the garden owns any telephones or tablets (and when we took one of our human beans' telephones and left it outside for the faeryfolk to use, we got into quite a bit of trouble so that was also not an option either). But then one day, while brother was reminiscing about some of the games he and his friends use to play when they were all wee, we got an idea. You see, he told us how they use to make tin-can-telephones...and to make one you didn't need batteries or data bundles...you just needed two tin cans and a bit of string. A hole goes in the bottom of each tin to put the string through, and a knot or two keeps it in place. Two of you then take a tin can each and move apart until the string is nice and taut and when you talk into one tin you can hear what was said in the other one...just like magic! We already had some string and one empty tin can in our art studio and we knew where to find some tins filled with baked beans & tomato sauce. And so, a wee while later (and with bellies full of beans) we had everything we needed and made a little tin-can-telephone of our own, with one end in the house and the other in the garden. And because we made sure the string is more than 2 meters long, we can now safely talk to our wee friends who live down in the garden all day long ~:)

We made two drawings of our wee tin-can-telephone to show you. There's this one, which is of course a drawing of the one that's in our house - and another, which shows the one that's in the garden. But for a tin-can-telephone to work (and to ensure we keep a safe social distance) they have to be far apart, so we thought it best if we posted the other one all the way other there on its own page...but you can follow this link if you'd like to go and have a look...

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