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Welcome to our wee gallery, a secret little art exhibition that features some of the portraits and picture we drew over the years of all our little faerie friends. We were of course expecting you and arranged a private viewing of these artworks for you. Just stroll down to have a look around and give any of the pictures a wee tap to take a closer look and read the stories that inspired it...

Pages from our Photo Album

a picture tells a different story to everyone who sees it,
and a story paints a different picture for everyone who reads it.


Heading for the Gift shop
Every art gallery we've visited had a wee gift shop at the end where we always enjoy having one last look at some of the wonderful things we've just seen and seeking out a souvenir or two to remind us of our visit. And since you've reached the end of our wee gallery we thought you might like to do the same...so just tap here to have a look at all the lovely things available in our wee shop.
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