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a picture of a drawing of a brown onion brownie and a wee ladybug
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"The Brown Onion Brownies"
a picture by the Picsees

Have you ever met a Brown Onion Brownie? They are very easy to recognise cause they look almost exactly like onions only much much smaller (actually onions look like them but that is a story for another time). They are some of the nicest wee friends you can ever make...their favourite thing to do is travel all over looking for things to fix and friends to help. Just remember when you meet one you should speak very loud and clear cause they don't have big ears like us and sometimes they mishear things and this can cause problems...for instance...a wee while ago we told them about ladybugs but they thought we said lazy-bugs and ever since then they've been carrying every ladybug they meet to wherever they want to go so that they can be even more lazy!

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here is a wee something that you can find in our offical little webshop that was inspired by this art picture: