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Guess who we met at Loch Ness?
  Friday 28th of April 2017  
A faerie herb garden for your kitchen.
By: Lindee-Mae the Moon Fae
reading time: maybe about 2 minutes | first published: 18 October 2013

Hanna Belle the Parsley Fae
Hanna Belle the Parsley Fae

A wee while ago we decided to make a little herb garden for the kitchen. Most of you probably know how to do this but we didn't ...lucky for us my brother knows everything about everything and probably even a bit more so he told us exactly what to do: The first and one of the most important things is to find a pot. If you make a garden in the house without a pot you will get into lots and lots of troubles and just like the floor you will get grounded for weeks! You should be able to find a pot in the back of the kitchen cupboard or if there is an old shed outside you will find some in there for sure! If you really canít find any pots you can always use a teacup but then youíll have to disguise it as a pot else you will get into lots of troubles again...not so much trouble as doing it without the pot, but still a lot. When you found your pots you should take them outside and dig a pot sized hole in the garden and put all the diggings in the pot. Next you need some seeds. Seeds are like batteries for flower pots, if you donít put any seeds in the pots the pot wonít work and your herbs wonít grow. Once you have everything in the pot you can take it back inside the house but itís very important to make the pot think itís still outside. The best way to do this is to put it on the windowsill so it can see the sun and every day or two you should make it rain. The way most people do this is with a something called a watering can but itís much too heavy for us so we put the pots in the shower for a few minutes every morning. The next step is to write a letter to the Council for Flower Faeries, Garden Gnomes & Weed Goblins to tell them about your new pot and they will send a garden faerie to come help with your garden. Some people donít write this letter cause they donít believe in faeries. Their plants will still grow but their herbs will have no flavour and their flowers wonít have much colour...and this is not just true about gardening, everything will lack flavour and colour if you donít believe in faeries! Lucky for us we do and just a wee while after we sent our letter a wee parsley faerie arrived. Her name is Hanna-belle parsley fae and she is the best parsley faerie we ever met. She knows everything there is to know about parsley and sheís an expert at making the wee little leaves extra curly (she said sheíll teach us how to do it, itís called Hortigami). Weíve been helping her with the garden every single day and she said we are doing such a good job that sheíll help us to make some more pots for our garden and we are so excited about this cause if more faeries like Hanna-Belle arrives we think our wee little garden might just become the most magical place in the whole wide world ~:D

Guess who we met at Loch Ness?
a wee article by: Collie C Flowers

A wee while ago we went to visit Mikaís big sister for our holiday. She is called Nhala and she is a famous Picsee warrior of the Highlands (Mika is also a warrior but you spell his type of warrior with an Ďoí instead of an Ďaí). Nhala is very brave...she...continue reading


Mild-Bill & Little Lester the Goblins are wanted in connection with the disappearance of half a packet of cookies. A reward of 5 strawberries is offered.
crossed words and puzzles

Some clues for you...
2.The national animal of Scotland
3.a very scary thing that goes booo in the night
4.a very big bird...not quite as big as an ostrich but almost
5.if a wee one has the same name as their parent you write this after their name
8.the sounds that a bagpipe make
10.a creature that usually lives under a bridge and turns to stone in the daylight
12.a type of poem that you would usually sing
14.a way to refer to yourself or an incorrect way to spell eye.

1.a snazzy name for mushrooms or a gnome home.
6.a type of unicorn that is quite fat and lives in Africa
7.a name for you and someone else
9.a gnome that lives in the Netherlands
11.which one of these do you like the most: green or brown
12.a type of bird that's a wee bit magic and very smart
13.a creature that is a seal in water and a person on the land

Show Me The Answers Please!


The picture on the left is a potato. The picture on the right is also a potato but this potato is in Scotland and is therefore called a tattie not a potato. Other than that the pictures are exactly the same.
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Wanted: a book about keeping and collecting books. Will swap for a book about trading.

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learning to share is important but it's also very difficult to learn if you use sweeties...so we recommend practicing with brussel sprouts

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Lindee-Mae the Moon Fae
In addition to being a star reporter for the Faerie Informer Lindee-Mae is also one of the moon-time faeries who's job it is to get the forest, the woods and all the wee gardens ready for night time. Her job is to collect all the wee bits of left-over sunlight at dusk before it gets dark. She then keeps it safe until dawn so that it can be used as wee shimmers and glimmers on the dew drops the next morning.

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