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The Legends are true - Human Beans are real!
  Thursday 22nd of February 2018  
This wee paper just got a wee bit bigger!
By: Collie C Flowers
reading time: maybe about 2 minutes | first published: 19 December 2014

The brand new www Edition!
The brand new www Edition!

Wow! There's not 1...also not 2...but 3 brand new editions of the Faerie Informer newspaper that's available from today! Can you believe it! Not so long ago, if you had some news to share you had to scribble it onto one of the mossy stones near forest-end and half the time the moss would grow back before anyone could read a word. But then with the help of the faeries and gnomes we made the very first issue of the Faerie Informer! It was a very small newspaper in the beginning...we just had one story and that story was about us writing that one story. We didn't have many readers either...there was us, about 3 faeries and Greta the goblin....although she didn't really read it, she usually just ate the paper...but it still counts!

Luckily the more we worked the better it got...there's lots of articles now and there's even some puzzles and a snazzy classified section where you can find some lovely wee treasures. We also have lots and lots or readers...almost all the faeries now subscribe to it so do all the gnomes. There's some Imps, some owls, some trolls and cause we now also have pictures in the paper we even have a few goblins who actually page through it before they eat it.

Unfortunately there were a few of you who couldn't read the paper cause of various reasons...but we made a plan for each and every one of those reasons and that's why we made 3 new editions. There is a brand new seaweed edition specially made for the mermaids, mermen and the selkies. None of the previous version was very compatible with water and since they all live in the sea it got all smudgy before they could read a thing.
From today there will also be a www edition that goes onto the worldwide interweb ...this edition will available in both a dwarf-rune script and also human bean letters and will of course be read by the dwarfs, the house gnomes and even some human beans!
The last edition will be the town crier edition...old lady Hullabella the howling banshee recently retired from her howling job but she told us she sometimes miss all the we thought of a job that's perfect for her! Starting this weekend she will read all the headlines aloud (actually, she'll probably be shouting them), once at midday and once at midnight so that no one will ever have to miss a single thing that's happening in our wee little world ~:D

PS. Edgar and Allan the crows asked if they can have the classifieds page of anyone who's done reading the paper cause they want to see if they can find anything shiny there. They are willing to pay one berry if they find any promising leads on the page.

The Legends are true - Human Beans are real!
a wee article by: Lindee-Mae the Moon Fae

My dear fellow fae and faeriefolk, these sure are exciting times in which we find ourselves. We all know the wonderful stories about the legendary beings known as the human beans. For many faeriefolk, especially for us moon-time faeries they are just part of...continue reading


We have just found out that some news has broken...we don't have any other info at the moment but we are doing everything we can to find out who broke it and how to fix it.
crossed words and puzzles

Some clues for you...
2.The national animal of Scotland
3.a very scary thing that goes booo in the night
4.a very big bird...not quite as big as an ostrich but almost
5.if a wee one has the same name as their parent you write this after their name
8.the sounds that a bagpipe make
10.a creature that usually lives under a bridge and turns to stone in the daylight
12.a type of poem that you would usually sing
14.a way to refer to yourself or an incorrect way to spell eye.

1.a snazzy name for mushrooms or a gnome home.
6.a type of unicorn that is quite fat and lives in Africa
7.a name for you and someone else
9.a gnome that lives in the Netherlands
11.which one of these do you like the most: green or brown
12.a type of bird that's a wee bit magic and very smart
13.a creature that is a seal in water and a person on the land

Show Me The Answers Please!


The picture on the left is a potato. The picture on the right is also a potato but this potato is in Scotland and is therefore called a tattie not a potato. Other than that the pictures are exactly the same.
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Attention all beetles! Be the shiniest bug in the borough with mister Nico the gnome's new shell shining services - conveniently located next to the green pond.
ATT All Bogeymen
It's time to renew and review the lease contracts for the cupboards you haunt.
Exclusive offer to all readers of the Faerie Informer - a 5% discount coupon to be used in our little shop! Your coupon code is wwwcoup02
This should have been an advert for the annual cake tasting competition but the piece of paper with the details on was stolen by Mild-Bill and little Lester the goblins and we can't remember any of the details. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Wanted: a book about keeping and collecting books. Will swap for a book about trading.

Meeting tonight!
There will be a meeting in the forest by the big tree tonight to decide which tree is the biggest in the forest.
we are looking for someone who is fluent at reading upside down. Almost half the letters we receive are written upside down and we can't make head nor tails of it

Mister Ronny Hiccups (Hide and seek champion 2011, 2012 & 2013) urgently requires any information about the whereabouts of Rocco the Imp - last seen counting to 10 behind the big oak tree.

for enquieries or to place an add of your own please go see Tanyann the tree faerie at the big oak tree next to pebble lane.
Office Hours:
from the first moonbeam until the morning bird's song.
and finally...
~ a wee thought for the day ~
a journey isn't about what road you take or where you's about who you are when you get home.

Additional credits || news eddytor: Collie FLowers || adivsor and troublemaker: Eric || verifier of facts and fiction: Mika Makaroon || double checkers: Brother and Rory || offical website bug: Lady Redpenny the ladybird


Collie C Flowers
Collie is a wee Picsee. She is probably the most well known of all the Picsees. Not only is she the new lead reporter and eddytor of the Faery Informer newspaper, she draws most of the the art pictures that the Picsees are famous for too! She is also an excellent hide a sneak player and is known to be very good at finding treasure when the wee ones are playing pirates down by the beach. She can also change her favourite colour from blue to green and back to blue without anyone noticing.

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