elcome to our official world wide website! We are the Picsees and this is our little place on the interwebs. It's a wee place of magic, art pictures and stories where you can let your imagination run around with bare feet for a while. Everyone's welcome so whether you are a gnome, a faerie or a human bean, we hope you enjoy you visit very very much! Ooh...and please don't feed the goblins.

Meet Liloo Lumins, She is a sea Picsee from Brighton beach


one of the trickiest parts of making art is getting your imagination to sit still for long enough to see the details.

As you might know we are the official wee artists of her Majesty the Tooth Faery...but all she ever wants us to draw is tooths which gets quite boring! So if you want a drawing done of anything that's not a tooth we might just be able to help you...to see more just do a click here

We have a lovely wee newspaper called The Faerie Informer. It's got all the latest news, rustles and rumours from the Faerieworld and every now and then we do a wee email edition with all the biggest and best news inside! If you like we can ask our digital delivery gnome to deliver one to you inbox too...it's free! Just put your details below and we'll make sure he bring you for you.

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"A Wee Goblin Called Kale"

This is a portrait we drew of our newly found friend Kale. He's a wee goblin and an expert hide and seek player who we met by accident while we were playing in the park......continue reading

~ The Present ~
Upon a time
you'll look back and see,
the most precious gift
is a memory.

The Story of the Lazy Gnome.

a wee little Picsee tale...

Once there was a wee little gnome named Galagasco.
Now, if you had to choose just one word to describe him you would probably use the word 'lazy'. And if you did you'd be right. The thing about lazy folk is that they usually end up with lots and lots of things to do that never gets done. This was also true in the case of Galagasco.
One day it got so bad that he decided it was time to do something about it. Many lazy folk make this decision, but he went a step further than most of them...He actually did something... He made a list...

To keep reading just do a click here

A big move for the wee ones!
a bit of news by Collie C Flowers.

As most of you may have noticed we've been very quite for a while...that's cause we've been away on a big adventure to collect some good old days but we're back now! Well.....actually it's not just us who's...click to keep reading

Monster needed to help look after dust bunny farm. Under bed accommodation provided.

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